We Design Custom Sanitisation Solutions

ArcAqua’s patented delivery system overcomes the limitations of traditional ozone systems; it’s ‘always on’ and adaptable to OEM or retro-fit installations.

Our Patented Technology Safely Delivers Ozone

ArcAqua’s nozzle provides an effective, safe and controlled ozone delivery platform with enhanced efficacy and adaptability.

Efficacy Proves to be “World Class”

The ArcAqua nozzle delivers a controlled ozone concentration through a water spray – creating a sanitising spray with efficacy proven in the field.

Advanced Ozone Sanitisation
for the Food Industry

The key to sustaining life and promoting good health is access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food, with bacteria being the biggest threat to food safety and availability. By removing this threat, we can improve safety, reduce waste and decrease operational costs.

ArcAqua technology safely and practically delivers ozone; a powerful, natural, environmentally-friendly, anti-microbial agent. This gives us the ability to help our customers solve key business challenges and production goals in a cost-effective way.

How ArcAqua Can Benefit
Your Business

Using ozone ArcAqua delivers innovative, sanitising solutions for a diverse array of food processing sectors.


Extend shelf-life

Reduce cross-contamination

Eliminate chemical residuals

Improve organoleptic qualities


Extend shelf-life

Eliminate in-line chemical assessments and water pH management risks

Reduce fruit spore loading and pack-line contamination

Microbial control without adding unwanted MRL’s


Reduce microbial contamination associated with filler and capping machinery

Extend production efficiencies with longer run times

Reduce water consumption

Reduce contamination from packaging materials


Remove the risks of chemical contamination

Extend shelf-life

Control and reduce overall pathogen and cross contamination

Applicable across multiple phases of poultry processing

Reasons to Switch to ArcAqua

Improve and streamline your processing operations with innovative technology that increases productivity, sanitises more with less, and stays ahead of global market challenges.

Case Studies

Our customers are accelerating sanitisation and time-to-value, improving product quality and shelf-life, as well as reducing operational costs across various industries.

Read more about how we’ve helped real-world businesses like yours:

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